What is Procera AVH? – Help Improve Memory Loss

If you have spent sometime investigating the cognitive enhancement supplement market, then chances are you have come across the product called Procera AVH. The manufacturers of Procera claim that is can increase brain agility, focus and overall mental health, while allowing you the same memory recall as a person 15 years your junior. With benefits like these, you may be wondering what is Procera AVH? And how can it possibly deliver these kinds of benefits in a single supplement? Here you will find the answer to those questions as we explain exactly how Procera AVH works, what is contained in the supplement and some of the major benefits you can expect if you decide to start supplementing with Procera. At the end of this review we also explain how to make important changes to your lifestyle so that you can enhance your brain health and delay the effects of aging related mental decline.

What is Procera AVH?

Procera AVH is a 100% natural supplement that has been scientifically tested and shown to provide significant improvements in cognitive function and brain health. It is typically taken by individuals who wish to delay or even reverse the mental decline and memory loss that occurs as we get older.

Many people who take Procera, do so in order to improve their everyday lives. Because the supplement can assist with memory loss, it will boost your memory keep your mind, alert, focused and sharp throughout the day. The supplement is taken in capsule form, with one capsule a day being the recommended dosage.

How does the supplement work?

Does Procera Avh work? Procera actually works in three different stages. In the first-stage,  Procera increases the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the brain. The hundreds of billions of brain cells require oxygen as fuel in order to function. In fact, your brains need for oxygen is actually ten times more than the rest of your body.

what is Procera AVHAs your brain becomes properly oxygenated you will feel a sense of mental clarity and focus. This also helps to relieve symptoms of depression and panic. This is the same reason why breathing exercises are recommended when you are feeling stressed out or overwhelmed.

In the second stage, the supplement helps to protect the brain from free radicals which are caused by stress and toxicity. The free radicals are highly reactive forms of oxygen, and they create chemicals reactions that can cause damage to the brain cells. If the free radicals are unrestricted, the damage caused by them will occur faster than it can be repaired by the body. An easy way to think of this free-radical damage is as type of “rust.” Over time the rusting of the brain means that is unable to function optimally.

In the third stage, Procera helps to restore and damaged neurotransmitters in the brain. These neurotransmitters are what the brain uses to communicate with itself, as well as with other organs in the body. By restoring these neurotransmitters you will notice increased cognitive function and mental agility.

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What ingredients are contained inside of Procera and is it safe to take?

Procera AVH actually uses completely natural ingredients, which have been collectively used for over fifty years. Over this period, they have been shown not only to increase cognitive function but to be completely safe for human consumption.

There are three primary active ingredients contained within Procera. The first two of these are Huperzine A and Acetyl L-Carnitine. These are used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and other mental degenerative diseases. The other is an extract from the periwinkle which is called Vinpocetine. This extract helps to increase the flow of blood to the brain, carrying with it oxygen. As we saw above properly oxygenating the brain is vital for optimal cognitive function.

Getting the most from Procera AVH

what is Procera AVHNow that you understand exactly what is Procera AVH, it is useful to explain how to optimize the benefits of the supplement. Brain health and cognitive function is maximized when we eat a healthy diet which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, acids, nuts, broccoli and blueberries. It also requires that you get adequate sleep, exercise regularly and employ a regular method of de-stressing, such as yoga or meditation. You should also avoid brain damaging activities such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

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Just as if you wanted to build physical muscles, you would visit the gym in addition to lifting weights, so too should you use Procera AVH to supplement your mental fitness routine. Procera AVH provides the nutrients required to enhance cognitive function and protect the brain from free-radical damage. However, it should also be seen as part of a broader lifestyle that enhances mental health.

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